About Us

"Adhering To Innovations."

Mission Statement

To provide our clients with the best value in IT Consulting Solutions, with a focus on Healthcare IT and Cybersecurity.

Vision Statement

Techesive will be a proactive and energetic IT company that invigorates our clients to continuously improve, inform, and increase their customer engagement efforts in a secure and comfortable manner.

Our Company

Techesive is a privately held and independently owned IT Consulting Services company with a keen sense, intellect, and passion for aligning the IT requirements of our clients with their business needs. We specialize in providing unique enterprise solutions--from application development and integration, to content and records management, and to system architecture and design--for our clients. We take great pride in creating tailor-made solutions that appropriately fit our clients' business functions.

Techesive is headquartered in San Antonio, TX with regional offices in Austin, TX and Houston, TX.

Our Experience

Techesive has over 22 years of pragmatic IT industry experience as a trusted and reliable business partner with an extremely high rate (96%) of repeat clients. This means we have built a comprehensive knowledge base to precisely utilize new and/or existing IT solutions and properly align them with the targeted business area to vastly improve its performance. The most recent fields and sectors in which we were involved include, but are not limited to, the following:

Private Sector Public Sector
Healthcare Transportation
Energy Defense
Technology Finance
Manufacturing Non-Profit

Our veteran management team is derived from a variety of highly demanding and technical backgrounds, so we understand what it means to consistently produce highly visible, affective, and dependable results. Therefore, we focus intently on assisting our clients, during the entire business cycle, to either meet or exceed their goals, in a timely manner, and often under budget.

As a quick point of reference, you can view our Capability Statement.    

Our Dedication

Techesive takes the approach of listening to its clients first. This is the single most imperative prerequisite that allows us to thoroughly understand, and then discuss, the current and expected processes of the business. We have also partnered with industry leading IT software and hardware vendors, which further enhances our capabilities to swiftly develop top-tier and robust offerings. From there, we respond to our clients with the very best in turnkey and/or custom solutions, which extends more value into their IT environment and their business.

Our past, present and future clients receive the utmost in a diligent and persistent effort from us that will ultimately increase their business growth and enhance their business endeavors. Simply put, we offer nothing less than the best for aligning IT with business.

Small, Minority Owned Business

We are recognized and registered as a Small & Minority Owned Business at the Federal, State, and Local/Regional levels of government with the following entities:

Certification Governing Authority Additional Notes
DBE U.S. Dept. of Transportation (DOT) via City of Houston (COH) & TUCP
HUB State of Texas  
HUBZone Small Business Administation (SBA)  
MBE City of Austin (COA)  
MBE City of Houston (COH)  
MBE HMSDC Houston Chapter of NMSDC
SBE Port of Houston Authority (PHA)  
SBE Metro Transit Authority (METRO)  
SBE SCTRCA also AABE, ESBE, & MBE certified
SDB Small Business Administation (SBA)  

Memberships and Chambers

We stay actively involved in our local, state, and national business communities via targeted industry memberships, chambers, and associations. This allows us to create direct contacts and relationships with clients, partners, and vendors. More importantly, we establish a better understanding within those communities as we have a vested interest in their relative projects, business growth, and overall well-being. In other words, we like to know what are people doing, where are they going, and how can we assist them on their journey.

Membership Area/Industry Certifications
AFCEA Armed Forces Cybersecurity GIAC
SANS Cybersecurity CISA, CISM, CISSP
TASSCC State of Texas Computing SQI
TOGAF Enterprise Architecture TOGAF

Chamber Target Market
ACBCC San Antonio, TX (African-American Community)
ACC Austin, TX (Greater Austin Community)
HAUL Houston, TX (Minority/Urban Community)
SAHCC San Antonio, TX (Hispanic Community
SOUTHSA San Antonio, TX (Southside Community)