We offer a comprehensive list of IT Consulting Solutions for both public and private sector enterprise environments.

Additionally, we are registered within vendor/supplier systems under the following NAICS/NIGP commodity codes:

511210 519120 541511 541512
541513 541519 541611 541990
NIGP Codes
918-28 918-29 918-32 918-71 918-78 918-90
920-04 920-37 920-40 920-45 920-66 920-91

For State, Local, and Education Divisions (SLED) in Texas, we can offer IT Staff Augmentation (ITSAC):

DIR Contract

We also maintain an active listing in the Texas CMBL/HUB Directory Search.

So, what do these solutions and their related capabilities mean to you as a client?

Allow us to elaborate.

If you need a fast and reliable enterprise content management system for your enterprise public and private website content, then we're here to assist you! Perhaps you have an existing records management system that's experiencing performance degredation, then bring us in for an evaluation and we'll alleviate the issues. If you desire a new presentation layer that integrates with a "green screen" mainframe while maintaining a quick and responsive web UI, then reach out to us as we've handled those as well. Maybe you believe an IT "makeover" is in order, and you need to consider alternative business processes, workflows, and enterprise architectures. We've been there and done that, so contact us for further details. If you have millions of hard copy content items (e.g. customer records, magazines, case paperwork) that you must have digitally archived, managed, and searchable, then we can lead the effort to get you there. Instead of a reactive and insecure operating environment, you need to create a more proactive and secure operating and development infrastructure. Let us know and we'll show you how. If your current demand is for some external compliance verification or implementation like ITIL, SDLC, Section 508, HIPPA, and SOX, then we can help you successfully achieve that goal.

This is just a sample of what we have done in the past and where we're presently enhancing client growth. So, let us know how we can assist you now with the proper alignment of your business needs and your IT environment.


Here is a brief list of recent clients and what they're saying about us. We definitely appreciate their comments as it speaks volumes to the level of effort and professionalism involved once we're tasked with enhancing your IT environment.

U.S. Dept. of Transportation (DOT)

Client Quote:

When NHTSA relaunched its website on a newer Java based Portal platform, we took notice. It was a dramatically improved design, especially for regulatory and compliance document navigation. So, we at the PHMSA modal decided to bring them in and see if they could offer a similar solution (but of course customized for the particular needs of our SMEs). Well, they were given the chance and they successfully delivered! Great performers all around, especially when handling concerns pertaining to Federal regulations and compliance!

--M. Littlefield

The World Bank Group (WBG)

Client Quote:

We needed resolve an application integration issue from a team of experts while preparing for our CPAG website launch. Unfortunately, time was not on our side, and the ECM system was quite proprietary--only a handful of people knew of it, and even less know it very well. Not only did they fix the convoluted "snafu", but the website was launched on time (less than 90 days). We cannot say enough great things about them!

--W. Greenwald

National Geographic Society (NGS)

Client Quote:

Entering the digital age is not always an easy task. Just ask us! We found out the hard way as our project goal was to bring millions of archived documents, records, photos, and videos online. We're talking content than spans decades. This involved a level of structure, outline, and foresight from a large team of dedicated managers and developers that at times seemed impossible. Bringing them aboard, as members of our team, made the project both possible and very enjoyable! I'm glad we made the call!

--K. Grant

CenterPoint Energy (CNP)

Client Quote:

These guys are on another level! They've assisted with everything from a quick turnaround on a requlatory website launch (CEHE) due to a statewide compliance issue, to application integration with our "green screen" mainframe and our primary CRM/ERP packages, to standing up our entire FileNet infrastructure and architecture during a recent upgrade. We've also thrown IT problems their way that no one else on the team could solve, and they did it! Simply put, no one can do what they do!

--J. Russ

Invesco (IVZ)

Client Quote:

Our global AIM/Invesco rebranding project required a certain level of IT expertise, not only in the development world, but also in the architecture realm. Bear in mind, compliance with financial regulations and agencies is also key function during these particular projects. In other words, rare individuals were needed and we found them here! They came, they saw, they conquered... and we were left with a much improved IT operating environment!

--B. Kothers

Dynamic Rental Systems (DRS)

Client Quote:

We needed to bring our aging IT infrastructure up to speed like newer server solutions (hardware, OS, virtualization, and application upgrades). Man, they're really good at that; a very seamless and thorough process! They also greatly simplified our website layouts during the redesign project. That allowed us to easily maneuver through driver applicants and perform better records management, which is very necessary in the world of transportation compliance. We're so glad we embraced their solutions!"

--G. Smith